Healing refreshment

"The most important role of propolis in the beehive is to act on bacteria and fungi, which keeps the bee colony strong and healthy. Propolis contains proven antimicrobials, it is also known for its healing effects. Propolis extract in this oral spray also helps us - it is ideal for removing unpleasant sensations in the oral cavity during viruses, sore throat and also against bad breath. Just a few presses of the spray a day. "

Sufficient humidity is a must

For a pleasant feeling in the oral cavity, it is advisable to keep it properly moist. Saliva naturally helps cleanse the mouth and is also a weapon against various bacteria.

In the morning, clean your mouth (teeth) thoroughly and moisten them during the day - drink enough, chew mint or refresh with oral spray with propolis.

What is propolis?

Propolis is a solid, brown resinous substance produced by bees for disinfection and construction purposes. The basis is a resin obtained from trees, which bees process with the help of enzymes in their glands. Unlike beeswax, it has antibacterial effects, among other things, so bees use it to seal small gaps in the hive or to cover foreign bodies as protection against infection.