High quality Czech crystal with unique design
The quality and originality of our products and their trend-setting development is created by JIRI VOSMIK famed Czech glass designer, who is our lead designer since 1991. His art has a characteristic balance of functionality and design, whether its function is to be used at the dinner table or purely Classic objet d’art.

Glass has its own unique personality
Like humans, glass has its personality too. One likes blue, another likes red. Someone prefers perfect colors, others rely more on shape and brilliance of pure crystal.

The skill of Czech glassblower
Glass atelier with traditional hand production opened at 1991. The skill of Czech masters of the craft together with original design and quality of melted crystal are the guarantee of production of exquisite quality portfolio.

Top quality crystal
We melt only the best lead-free crystal meeting the strictest demands of our customers and their life style. The whole production is thoroughly supervised.

Hand production
Hand shaping of glass is mainly about temperature and time. After gathering melted glass from pan to glassblower’s pipe, it is blown and shaped to become your dream product. The skill and experience of the glassblower is crucial.