Family company from the picturesque foothills of the Eagle Mountains

Pleva is located in the spa town of Potštejn in the picturesque foothills of the Eagle Mountains, but the products of the Pleva Family Company can be found in healthy food, drugstores and bee shops. They are a family company, which was established thanks to the great commitment of the couple Hanka and Milan Plev and today is growing and busy thanks to the efforts of their children and the work of careful and helpful employees.

The widest range of bee products in the Czech Republic

They produce quality bee cosmetics and thus help people to health, beauty or just pleasure. They started right after the revolution with the production of propolis tincture and ointment with propolis. Since then, they have expanded our range of cosmetics with all product lines with individual bee products, and they launch new products every year.

Today they have a hundred products in our assortment. They can therefore boast the widest range of cosmetics with bee products in the Czech Republic. At the same time, they obtained a unique permit for the preparation of various products, for example, they are the only ones in the Czech Republic that process bee venom.

They produce natural mead for gourmets. During the fermentation and maturation process, the temperature of the drink will never exceed 40 ° C, so that the honey retains all its wonderful substances.

Use rich experience in a modern establishment

The beginnings of their business are connected with the production and sale of quality Czech honey. They have been actively involved in beekeeping since 1969 and they maintain approximately 60 active beehives. Since 1990, they have been focusing on the processing of bee products into cosmetics or food supplements.

Thanks to the great interest of our customers and the popularity of natural cosmetics, they had to leave their small establishment and build their own modern production plant, which they completed in 2000. Thanks to it, they maintain high product quality and meet strict hygienic conditions without any problems. All products have a human health safety assessment valid throughout the European Union.