Many years of tradition, a wide range of products, creative designers and high production and technological standards are the main reasons for the success of our crystal. At present, Crystal BOHEMIA ranks among leading world producers of lead crystal and it is unambiguously the major producer in the Czech Republic.

Crystal BOHEMIA continues the heritage of extraordinary tradition of Bohemian crystal glass. This tradition dates back to the beginning of 18th century and it has influenced the entire glass industry of the world in the course of time. We can state proudly that the Bohemian crystal glass belongs to the best that came into being in the respective sector. Our glass is a guarantee of quality and values, through which we communicate as a company – beauty, style and utility.



The history of the BOHEMIA trademark is inseparably linked not only with the history of Czech glassmaking, but with the history of Czech crystal in general. From the very beginning, the outstanding features of the articles under this trademark were high quality and artistic value following the craftsmanship and skilfulness of glassmakers, technicians and designers of the glassworks, and it continues to be so.

The world renowned blue and gold symbol BOHEMIA CZECH REPUBLIC has a strong position in a great deal of countries. The unique tradition of lead crystal making masters connected with this trademark has been never interrupted and it is therefore highly regarded.

They are one of the world's leading producers of lead and lead-free crystal and we are clearly the largest producer in the Czech Republic. The company has a rich history and extraordinary tradition, represented not only by a new visual style and logo based on the BOHEMIA trademark, but also by traditional trademarks.